Origins Year 1595.

The connection of the surname Zapiain to cider hails back to before 1595. We have evidence of a ruling in favour of the City of Donostia and against Juanes de Zapiain. It states that “Whilst he does not come and live within the walls of this city and is not a resident of it, his ciders shall not be admitted” (Uribe Census E-I-12).

Years later, Nicolás Rosario Zapiain Agirregabiria, father for some and grandfather for others, decided to leave the running of the farmhouse (livestock, orchard, etc.) to others, and focused fully on the production of Sagardoa.

In 1961, he began to build a cellar with a capacity for 15,000 litres in barrels, and in 1964 he finished installing the 22 barrels that are today to be found in the main cider house. A few years later, he built another cider house made up of 6 tanks with a capacity of 33,000 litres. At the time, these developments were big news.

Quality Guarantee

Quality, one of the foundations of our establishment. In 1981, Zapiain added the first oenologist to its team. From this date, research and improvement to promote higher quality in the product have been constant guidelines. This has allowed us to anticipate future market demands, which has especially helped to achieve commercial success.

The biggest value of the company lies in the knowledge acquired over the years to process a natural, vibrant product without preservatives.

In 2006, Zapiain implemented the ISO 9001 standard for quality management.

Since 2010, Zapiain has been working under the IFS (International Food Standard) procedure, a regulation ensuring food safety. In 2011, Zapiain obtained the highest level of IFS. This certification is renewed annually, after an audit of the facilities and processes.


The brand that identifies sagardoa or Basque cider of superior quality. “Gorenak” in Basque means “supreme”, “sublime”, “the highest”.

Each and every one of the cider bottles that carry the GORENAK black cap have passed quality controls and have obtained high scores in the accredited tastings of the Fraisoro Laboratory.

Few have achieved this, but Zapiain Sagardoa is among them, and with a high score.

Euskal Sagardoa

The Protected Designation of Origin EUSKAL SAGARDOA, in addition to the quality of the cider, certifies the origin of the apples used for its elaboration. This PDO allows the use of 115 local varieties.

Zapiain Sagardoa has opted for this DO since its creation in 2016, reaffirming our commitment to quality and origin. The goal is to supply the market with 100% local product in a few years.

The apples with which we produce our EUSKAL SAGARDOA have been subjected to a rigorous traceability system that ensures their origin. In addition, the quality of the sagardoa has been certified by the Fraisoro laboratory. Only those that receive more than 75 points out of 100 are worthy of the golden capsule and the PREMIUM rating.