The connection of the Zapiain surname to cider hails back to before 1595. We have evidence of a ruling in favour of the City of Donostia and against Juanes de Zapiain. It states that “Whilst he does not come and live within the walls of this city and is not a resident of it, his ciders shall not be admitted” (Uribe dictionary E-1-12).


Zapiain Cider

Low alcohol natural beverage (6%), without preservatives. Does not contain added sulphites. Its carbon dioxide comes from the actual fermentation process (it is not added). A refreshing and long drink.

Since 2006, we have followed the procedures of the ISO 9001 standard and since 2009 those of the IFS (International Food Services). This is an international standard that guarantees the safety of the brand in the products sold.

Consumption Recommendations

It should be consumed cool and not very cold, at about 10-12ºC. Before opening the bottle, hold it upside down and shake well to dissolve the natural sediment and activate the natural carbon dioxide that it contains. Let it pour from the bottle into a fine glass to the amount that we want to drink immediately, without leaving any Sagardoa in the glass. Sagardoa – always in the bottle or in the stomach.