In 1984 we installed a Charentais still and distilled the sagardoa for the first time. Since then we have been working in 3 variants of this spirit generically named Sagardoz, which means “from apple” in Basque language. All the process is carried out within our cellar located in Astigarraga.

TXURIA LE BLANC (40% vol.)

Sagardoz “Le Blanc” captures the traditional essence of Basque Country cider. We select the best cider from our wine cellar to be distilled and then set aside the purest and most aromatic parts of the process: fruity and dry fortifying spirits that warm the soul without over-doing it.


GOXOA LIQUEUR (21,5% vol.)

Sagardoz Liqueur is made by fortifying our Le Blanc distillate with juice extracted from the most aromatic native apple varieties. Fresh apple juice with caramel and honey aromas. Warmth, spices and juicy sweetness in the mouth. Pairs perfectly with blue cheese or chocolate.


Small batches of our Le Blanc distillate are selected to mature in oak barrels alongside the Urumea river valley. After many years, the wood passes on a delicate taste, with spicy and intense aromas. Great to enjoy with friends next to an open fire with a pleasant meal.