Traditional Txotx

This is a phenomenon which is part of the gastronomic culture of our ‘sagardoa’ (cider) tradition. It arose from the tasting that customers carried out when buying their sagardoa. The fact that in the past the production cellars did not have the resources to keep the drink in the ‘kupela’ (barrel) throughout the year meant that between the end of winter and the beginning of spring the customers had to build up a stock of bottled sagardoa for the entire year.

Sensibly, aware of the differences in quality between the contents of different kupelas, the buyers tasted the contents of each kupela, looking for the best brew, until finally agreeing the purchase of bottled sagardoa.

Later, those kupelas that had not been chosen to be bottled were sold by the glass served directly from the kupela, temporarily transforming the cellar into a seasonal cider house.


All of this is now history, and today the cellar is perfectly equipped to serve quality sagardoa to its customers throughout the year according to their needs, but that old custom of tasting has led to what we know today as the Txotx ritual.

Sagardoa is produced and drunk in the same year, so what we enjoy each year from the end of January onwards is a drink that has just been brewed and incorporates the characteristics that the year’s climatic conditions have brought to the apple from which it is made. This gives our drink a special charm.

From mid-January to the last day of April, Zapiain opens its cellar doors every night except Sunday and also on Saturday at midday. In a unique atmosphere you will enjoy an exceptional meal with the new sagardoa served directly from the kupela by the cellar owner.

You will have dinner standing up in the cellar itself, with the dishes that traditionally accompany the sagardoa: cod omelette, fried cod, steak, cheeses and walnuts.

It’s an irresistible ritual that nobody wants to miss when the date arrives.

* Portion for two people.



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